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We are running out of resources on our planet, and it is obvious that something has to change. 

One solution for our many current problems could be the implementation of a circular economy, representing a system, where things are not thrown away but are rather reused.

The concept is very compelling, and follows one simple rule: Things are designed to either biodegrade, or re-enter the production cycle.

On Circulution.com we want to discuss this new way of thinking with you. The page is divided into two sections:

The forum is about generally discussing the concept. Here you can post and comment on existing examples that fit the spirit of the Circular Economy, ask questions and criticize the concept, or provide any stimuli that fuel discussion. 

If you have a Idea concerning the implementation of the circular economy, submit it to the Idea Contest, where you have the chance to win cool prices.

So what are you waiting for? Join the movement and change something!

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